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Social Media Marketing

for your Start-Up Business

Get beautifully branded social media content that positions your business in it's best light and helps you build a larger audience.

Starting At Just

We'll create custom image posts for your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, giving all your social media channels a professional touch. See Price

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of Before-After

Marketing says "Buy me." Digital Media Marketing says "This is me. I am what I am. Simple concept can make big statements, we believe that great ideas starts with a spark and move it forward with concept, ideas and strategy before we create an extraordinary post that GO VIRAL!




How We Build & Grow

Your Social Media

The best way to build and grow a social media following is by posting beautiful, inspiring and informative content, consistently. That's exactly what our Managed Social Media service does for your business. Here's how

1. Increase Your Traffic, Leads, and Sales

Our team will take your goals and develop an integrative marketing strategy to keep your brand consistent and relevant across the entire web and we will help you develop that elusive competitive advantage to improve your online presence.

2. Inject Content & Website Development 

We'll create a mix of 30 bespoke pieces of social media content including facts, memes and inspiring website design and development, product photography, video production, and more for your library. Great content is key to optimise your marketing strategy! 

3. Improve Your Brand Awareness with KOL

Finally, we'll watch what your audience reacts to the most and when so we can tweak for maximum impact and add in more content, such as target new audiences by having your brand endorsed and promoted by professional celebrities, models, and influencers.

Fully Managed, Stress Free

Social Media Marketing Plans

Whether you’re just getting started  or looking to drive more revenue through social media marketing, we’ve got you covered.


For start-up businesses that want to get a head start on social media.

 Daily posts
 Fresh, relevant content
✓ Company branded posts
✓ Strategy creation
✓ Social media schedule
 Insights & analytics


For businesses that are ready to upgrade their social media.

 Daily posts
 Fresh, relevant content
 Company branded posts
 Strategy creation
 Social media schedule
 Insights & analytics


For businesses that want to dominate their niche within their industry.

 Daily posts
 Fresh, relevant content
 Company branded posts
 Strategy creation
 Social media schedule
 Insights & analytics